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Grid Information Retrieval: Multisearch

The Arctic Region Supercomputing Center (ARSC) is proud to present Multisearch, a Grid Information Retrieval (GIR) project focused on packaging software for GIR research. Past endeavours include the following:

  • Summer 2007
    OGSA-DAI WSI 2.2 Middleware
    Server-selection algorithms for improved performance
  • Summer 2006
    Axis / Web Services
    Multiple Merge Algorithms via the Servlet
  • Summer 2005
    Perl scripts
    Naive Merge Algorithm

In 2008, Apache Hadoop will be used in conjunction with Apache Lucene and possibly Lemur Toolkit to make a distributed information retrieval package that has more flexibility and robustness than the previous work. This web site has been set up to review the facets of the software and compile common errors for later users.


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